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101 Things in 1001 days.

Awhile back I did this list on my other journal, but since creating that list, a whole lot of things have changed for me, so I've redone my list. And I'm posting it here.

Goals.Collapse )

I Want to Take Away My Negative Effect

Well, I've continued to get up early and write my morning pages since Tuesday. Go me. I'm finding I'm sort of a morning person--which I think I knew because I use to get up early to see the sunrise when I was attending Blackburn College. Those days when I did that, I usually woke up in a good mood and maintained that mood for most, if not all of the day.

You may be wondering what Morning Pages are.

Well, here is is. In The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, she recommends getting up early and writing three pages of whatever is on your mind. There isn't a wrong way to do it. It can be about anything--things that you're upset or angry about, things you're looking forward to, things you dreamt about the night before, goals and hopes you have for the future. The idea behind it is to get the things out of your brain and onto paper. Back when I did this for twelve weeks (the length of time it takes to get through The Artist's Way if you're doing all twelve weeks of the book), I used to call it 'Brain Drain.' The hope is that it will help you spill it onto paper and be able to focus better. It also helps to unblock creativity.

So I hope to continue doing this because already I've noticed it's at least helping my mood.

How are you all doing today? How are you feeling creatively? Any newfound inspirations for writing or art or music or whatever you're into that you'd like to share? :)

Oh, I tremble for my love, always

I actually managed to get up at 6:30 this morning and do morning pages! This is a victory for me because I HATE getting up early. But I've noticed today that I've been more upbeat than I have been lately. So maybe I should start getting up earlier and doing them on a regular basis. Planning on doing it again tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

Writer's Block: Same Name

Have you ever met or known someone who has the same name as you (first and last) but is not a relative?

I've never met her, but there is another Angela D. Williams around where I live. I know because I got her student loan bill once. It was nearly three times as high as mine was and I promptly freaked out--because I didn't borrow anywhere near that amount. Then I realized the address was wrong, thankfully. I wonder if she's gotten hers paid off yet.

Mine still isn't, for the record.

Fandom Muses Have Eaten My Brainz! Eek!

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